Technology Resources

Home Network Issues? Try these tips!

Student/Parent Google App Tutorials (How to use Google Docs, Slides, Drive, etc.)

Here are some helpful reminders for remote learning expectations: 


  • Pick a place that will be your “classroom.”  Stock it w paper, pen/pencils, and any school books or materials you may need
  • Set a schedule for yourself about when you will be online
  • Check your T.E.C.H.  Tabs closed, Electronics put away, Cell phone off, Headphones in
  • Schedule your breaks and rewards either by task (“when I finish ___, I will____”) or by time (“every 15 minutes I will stand up and stretch.” )
  • Stay connected!  Ask questions, send emails, participate in group chats and video meetings
  • Make a calendar about what is happening and what is due when
  • Organize your work- write down a list of tasks to do each day based the weekly calendar, google classroom. Star, underline, or highlight what is due that day and do it first! Work some each day on assignments due at the end of the week.
  • Make a file for all the emails & communications from school
  • Keep track of your passwords and logins
  • Reach out. Having trouble with tech? With a school topic? With managing life at home? Send a note to your teacher and/or a trusted adult

Save time each day to:

  • Read!
  • Create! (make some art, build something, play some music, dance, etc.)
  • Move!   (get outside, do some yoga, set up your own workout routine)

Online Etiquette:

  • When joining digital meetings, keep your mic muted and unmute only when you are speaking.  This cuts down on background noise
  • Avoid side chats— they distract yourself and others  (just like in class!)
  • Don’t eat on camera– it can be noisy and some people find it unappealing.)
  • Dress for class!  School dress code applies online, too! Please don’t be in your bed.
  • We prefer you to be on camera during class time, if possible.
  • THINK before you post/send.  It’s one thing to say something inappropriate in class, but online, there’s a record and many more people can see your words. Stay on task and on topic. 

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