Plan B Information and Details

Plan B Information and Updates

  • Plan B Calendar 
    • Hybrid in-person dates for sixth grade
      • March 16-March 18
      • April 26-April 29
      • May 17-May 20
      • Fridays are virtual for everyone
      • Weeks that 6th grade is not in-person is regular virtual schedule for all
  • Carpool
    • Students can be dropped off between 7:45-8:15
    • Students must be picked up between 2:00-2:15
    • Students must arrive through carpool– no walk ups
    • Students will undergo a screening (temperature check, etc.) at drop off
    • Walkers, bikers, bus riders need to email Deborah Brown ( to provide written documentation
    • Access Carpool Map here
    • Please make a sign to display on your dashboard that lists the name of your student(s) for carpool
  • Sixth Grade Hybrid/Virtual Schedule and Groups
    • An email with room assignments will be sent the afternoon of Monday, March 15th
    •  Students will stay in their assigned room all day (We will try to get outside weather permitting. Make sure your child brings the required poncho because we still go outside rain or shine.)
    • Teachers will rotate classrooms 
    • Students will NOT necessarily be with their crews (4 crews split into 6 rooms)
    • Students will not mix groups, even at recess or lunch
    • Virtual students will follow page 2 of the schedule linked above (Zoom links on page 2)
  • Bring the following to school every day (all items should fit in one backpack): 
    • Contact your Crew teacher if you need help getting any of the supplies!
    • Computer AND Charger 
    • Headphones/Earbuds 
    • Snack (one handheld item)
    • Lunch
      • No lunch deliveries– if your student forgets a lunch, no worries– we have options here on campus and will make sure they get a full lunch and snacks/drinks.  Microwave/refrigerator are not available.
    • Water bottle (water fountains are closed)
    • Jacket/sweater/sweatshirt
    • Poncho
    • Book to read/kindle (time to meet those reading goals set in portfolio)
    • Expedition journal
    • Math Journal
    • Writing utensils
    • Extra back up mask (just in case) 
    • Covid in younger kids often presents as “just a cold.”  If your child is stuffy/congested, they must stay home.  (A runny nose and itchy eyes are more likely allergies.) 
  • Exploris COVID Case Reporting Form
    • Schools are required to track data related to Covid-19 and this form will help us! This form should be completed each time you have a confirmed positive, a presumptive positive, or a need to quarantine within a household. Please complete a new form for each person impacted. Names are reported to the health department but are not published in any Exploris forum. 
  • Exploris COVID Dashboard
    • Updated weekly

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