1. ASTROCAMP OVERNIGHT FIELD EXPERIENCE PAYMENT BALANCE SHEETS: We are sending home an Astrocamp payment balance sheet with each student today. The sheet will be in your child’s homework folder. Please review and contact your Crew teacher with any questions. If you need financial assistance or a scholarship, please reach out to your Crew teacher ASAP!
  2. EXTENDED DAY FIELD EXPERIENCE ON 12/12/18: We will be leaving Exploris Middle School at 7:30am and returning to school at 5:00pm on 12/12/18. We will need many parents to drive and chaperone in order to make this trip happen! Please sign up here if you are able to chaperone! This field trip will cost $10 per student. Please send in $10 cash or check (made payable to The Exploris School) by Friday, December 7th. This payment is separate from the Astrocamp field experience. 
  3. KODA THE HEDGEHOG NEEDS HELP THIS WEEKEND: Koda needs a place to stay this weekend. Can you help? Please email Juliana if Koda can stay with you.




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